Watchdogs (Review)

Versions reviewed: PS3 & PS4

It’s finally come round, Watchdogs is eventually out following several delays but does it live up to the hype?

In Watchdogs, we follow Aidan Pearce, a hacker in the heart of Chicago that is out to seek revenge.

The city of Chicago feels natural with different areas having different people from different ways of life in.

The story is average of a video game, but also surprisingly long. There are the expected plot twists and set ups that lead to a possible sequel.

The previous generation versions (PS3, Xbox 360) run with inconsistent low frame-rates and a world in which textures and draw distance is heavily reduced, I understand from a financial point why they chose to produce it for these systems but I wish they had the confidence to not. The current generation versions (PS4, Xbox One) however run fine and looks beautiful throughout the city.

The multiplayer, comparable to GTA V with it’s online races and other modes, runs smoothly but is let down due to long connection times and the lack of fun.

One of the highlights of the game is the gang hideouts which you can takedown in anyway you wish, going in all guns blazing or using technology to your advantage, it’s your choice.

The game offers a vast amount of things to do but they become repetitive, however if you enjoy the kind of thing that is on offer, then you will get your moneys worth for the time you will put into it.

Watchdogs is out now andĀ availableĀ at all major video game retailers and digitally.

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