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Site Update: Monday 10th February

Hello everyone,

It’s the editor of The Angry Microwave here, Callum, I would first like to say thanks for the support for our launch week! We exceeded our expectations for visits to the site and been overwhelmed with the response from all our new readers, we also uploaded some great content which I will talk about later on in this post.

The first main update we bring you is some shuffling around in our team, Bradley Evans, our current head of film, is taking up the role of Assistant Editor of the site. His work so far has been invaluable and has helped to make the site what it is so far. This means that Ollie Hogarth is stepping down from his role to focus more on his studies but will still play a valuable role in The Angry Microwave, especially in live music content. We also welcome Ashley Edwards to the site, expect lots of content  from him in our gaming section, with a review of the horror game Outlast coming early this week.

Our second piece of news is that we are working with Xpress Games to bring you a weekly competition with a chance to win £5 of credit to spend online at their store, all you have to do to be in a chance of winning every week is to check out our featured gaming article of the week going up on a Friday and follow the instructions from there.

Thirdly, we are branching out already to YouTube for selected reviews – the first one being of The Wolf Of Wall Street which you can check out below. Later this week also expect a video review of The Lone Survivor.


The fourth bit of news is that this week we are doing a pilot episode of The Angry Microwave Podcast on Wednesday, this may go up on the site or not depending on how the final product comes out – we just thought we would keep you updated on this!

That’s all for this site update, we will probably do another one next Monday depending on if we have some stuff to share with you.

Thanks for all the support so far once again,

Callum Moorin

Editor of The Angry Microwave

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