Titanfall (Preview Event)

A few days before the release, we were invited to a preview event of Titanfall, hosted by GAME in the heart of London. We spent a good few hours getting familiar with the highlight anticipated game.

From what we saw, we feel this game will live up to the hype for me personally, I have heard some mixed responses within the gaming community of some not liking the game or saying it isn’t that good. I will admit that they made a bad move by limiting it to Xbox and PC but this what out of the studio’s hands and lays responsibility at EA, I didn’t once get bored playing it as there are so many ways to get to every place on the map and everything seems balanced well at the moment.

 We played the game on the Xbox one and I will admit I enjoyed it, but I will add that I think its better on PC, at least to me. The graphics seemed good but again PC’s graphics are superior. Both platforms giving a good experience to the player. One thing that concerns me is that there will be an Xbox 360 release, what I mean by this is that the older console might not be able to create the same experience for the player; this was shown to me with Battlefield 4 being  unplayable on Xbox 360 for me.

The game to me won’t be the big “COD killer”, there isn’t enough there to compete with call of duty. Only offering one or in some cases two guns in each category e.g. assault rifle and shotgun. Again by not making the game available on Playstation this game can’t really compete with a game which is on all platforms. Although it might not be the next big game I still find it very enjoyable and worth picking up, I think this game might end up like Crysis 3. however where everyone got aboard the hype train and then a month later just left it like it was nothing.

Titanfall drops on Friday 14th of March here in the UK. I will be picking up the game and putting a lot of time into it over the weekend. Keep a look out for an in-depth review coming soon.

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