Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Featured Post Review

This Is Your Trial // Review @ Edinburgh Fringe 2015

The concept of This Is Your Trial is simple, you nominate one of your friends (or foe) to be trialled in front of the whole audience, one comedian will be the defence, the other the prosecution.

Being a completely improvised show, things can go wrong and the show can fall flat. This was the case on the night I attended, the people placed on trial were to be frank, completely useless; one person had absolute no recollection of the event and the other admitted the crime the moment they took the stand. This left the comedians have not much to work from, also, there were no big names in the guest spots for this performance, which is unusual for this show with stars such as Al Murray and Marcus Brigstocke being regulars, all of this made for a slight lackluster night.

Given our not so great review, this is a show that changes night on night, if you see a comedian that you love on the bill for this show, be sure to give it a chance!

You can see “This Is Your Trial” at the Assembly George Square Theatre (The Box) every day until the 30th August at 23:30. For more┬áinformation┬áincluding tickets, click here.

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