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Did PlayStation Keep Their E3 2013 Promises? (Feature)

PlayStation has had a big year with the launch of their latest console, the PlayStation 4 and flagship games such is ‘inFamous: Second Son’ and ‘Killzone: Shadowfall’, but have they kept their promises which they laid out at last year’s E3?

PS4 will be released on the 29th October 2013 in Europe – The console successfully shipped on time, there was shortages in stores until April this year but apart from that they did fufill this promise – TRUE

PS4 would launch in the UK for £349 – This price has remained in the UK since the launch with no need for a price drop yet due to very strong sales – TRUE

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ would launch on PS4 in the Spring following a BETA – The PC version of ESO launched in April but the console version was pushed back to late 2014 – FALSE/DELAYED

A “PlayStation Plus edition” of ‘Driveclub’ will be released for at least a year for subscribers to the service – This was delayed until October 10th 2014 in the UK due to an overall delay of the game, since the announcement though we have got some more details about what will be included in the “Playstation Plus edition”; one location (India) containing eleven tracks, ten cars and access to all the game modes, alongside this there is also an option to upgrade to the full game for £42.99 which will give you unrestricted access to the world of Driveclub – DELAYED

PlayStation Plus subscription required for online play on the PS4 –  This remained true and it is still currently required to play online, latest statistics show that around half of PS4 owners are members of the service – TRUE

Used games will work the same on the PS4 as previous consoles  – Used games work in the exact same way as previous console generations, plus there is no need for individual online passes anymore to access multiplayer features – TRUE

Sony produced original programming to come to the PlayStation family – The announcement of this was very vague with no time-frame and we have heard no news about this “original programming” since – UNKNOWN

A cloud gaming service for PS3, PS4 and Vita to launch in 2014 – Now called, ‘Playstation Now’, the service is undergoing a BETA period in Northern America on PS3 and PS4, expect more news for the service at E3 – IN PROGRESS

Continued indie support – PlayStation remains the console for indie games, ‘Octodad: Deadliest Catch’, ‘Outlast’, ‘Don’t Starve’ and ‘Transistor’ have all had console exclusive releases on the PS4 – TRUE

Overall, PlayStation have kept to their promises but some of the announcements were made prematurely and have suffered with delays, hopefully these well be resolved at next week’s conference.

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