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Secret Cinema Presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Spoiler Free РPhoto Credit: Olivia Weetch

Over the years, Secret Cinema has been growing in popularity and size, with last year letting us experience the iconic Back to the Future. Now they’ve embarked on their biggest experience ever, Star Wars.

The evening lets you explore the Star Wars universe that has become so close to our hearts. Encompassed by amazing set design, you’ll go on your way around the selected locations, enhanced by plenty of characters, some of which you’ll be very familiar with… The actors give impressive performances, knowing about their character back stories, allowing you to engage in organic conversations, creating memorable moments you’ll be dying to share. There are a few weak links in the acting but all the major characters that you’ll come across do an sterling job that you wont be forgetting in a long time.

The biggest gripe with the event is the queuing, several times we were amid large crowds of people simply waiting to move through to a different area, with these areas being the least interesting of the night – for this we advise you try and book on an off-peak day, ie mid-week. The event does feel like it suffers from overcrowding but hopefully as the event progresses through to the later months of August and July, this problem will be resolved. Also, be sure to head to the event as early as you can so you’ll have as much time as possible to explore.

Impressive set pieces that play out from start to finish proves worthy of the large ticket price, offering a nice blend of visual and practical effects, something which hopefully Star Wars: Force Awakens will be doing in December!

The evening rounds off like every other Secret Cinema event, with the screening of the film, in this case The Empire Strikes Back. Along with previous events, there were some very special surprises accompanying the film however this seemed as an after thought following the incredible evening that had played out before. Being in a room full of fans while watching the film is really what made the screening so special, something which a large majority of us have never been able to experience until now. Also free to explore the previous sets and bars around the site during the film if needed as it all remains open!

Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is an incredible event, the more you put in to it and commit to it’s premise, the more an experience you’ll have. Make that extra step to create your costume, interact with the characters of the show and fully embrace the world around you and you will be taken to a galaxy far, far away.

SECRET CINEMA Presents STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK runs now until 27th September 2015 –¬†www.secretcinema.org/tickets

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