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Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later

Spoiler Free Review

Secret Cinema is one of those subjects, similar to a Derren Brown show, where it’s like walking on thin glass to summarise our excitement and enjoyment of the event in it’s review, offering no spoilers so the experience is in-tact. So here we go…

For this year’s blockbuster showing, we delve into the horror of Danny Boyle’s “rage-infested” world from 28 Days Later.

It goes without saying, but be sure to fully involve yourself with the night – the more you give, the more you’ll get out of the event. Do your research before you attend on the NSH website, come in full costume and maybe even do some prior watching (our recommendations can be found here).

Be prepared to always be on guard, you’ll never quite know what’s around the next corner. The inevitable chases that ensue make it easy to miss out on key details and sets, so keep an eye out in every room for those hidden secrets.

The biggest learning curve of the night was understanding that this was not what you expect from Secret Cinema, which is a good thing. The evolution and diversity offered by them is what keeps their experiences fresh. Previous events have seen you fully interacting with the world, shaping what’s happening around you, whether that may be negotiating with Russian spies to gain access to a secret bar, or stealing spice from a Jawa to gain access onboard a departing ship, with 28 Days Later these opportunities are not so present, with the apocalypse kicking off around you.

There’s been lots of talk in the press about “extortionate compulsory spending” for costumes and refreshments, this was so far removed during the event that we went attended. We never felt forced into anything, with bottles of water (which we recommend!) costing only a pound. If you’ve been to a music festival, expect those prices.

As for the screening of 28 Days Later, it’s setting is suitably fitting, maybe even Secret Cinema’s best to date in regards to comfort and surroundings. When you first view the screening area, you’ll be blown away. However, the live action to accompany the film is, let’s say, hard to fully take in which is a shame as the glimpses we saw, looked amazing.

There’s no doubt that this is the best way to experience¬†28 Days Later. It’s an all out experience with the phenomenal set design and lighting that we’ve come to expect from a Secret Cinema event. Don’t miss it!

Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later is taking place in London until the Sunday 29th May. Tickets start from £57.20 (£41.60) and can be purchased by clicking here.

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