Ed Fringe 2014 Review

Seann Walsh: Seann 28 (Review)

Seann Walsh is back for yet another year at the Fringe, since his last show he is now in a serious relationship with his girlfriend and this is about the effect that it has had on his life, for better and for worse!

The observations he makes in the show will be very relatable if you are in your 20s, but even if not, you will probably have someone to project them on whether it be your brother, son or partner.

There is not much planned improv in the show but during the performance we attended, a man walked out (in a very noticeable fashion towards the stage) and Seann followed him outside and interviewed him still with the microphone, easily one of the highlights of the show. It would be great in future to see Seann incorporate more of this into the core show.

You can catch “Seann Walsh: Seann 28” at the Pleasance Courtyard ¬†at 21:20 (22:20) until Sunday 23rd August. Tickets can be purchased here.

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