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Network Of Independent Critics (NIC) Going To Ed Fringe 16 // News

We’re very excited to be welcomed into the Network Of Independent Critics (NIC)!

Formed by Laura Kressley and Katharine Kavanagh, the NIC sets out to offer opportunities for critics and publications often working for only the joy of creating content, fueling the critical and creative economy.

They’re kicking off by aiming to provide affordable accommodation at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe for 24 independent critics. A festival that we’ve covered for two years running, it’s an extremely exciting opportunity for us to extend our coverage, highlighting more shows than ever before and speaking to the most exciting people at the festival.

If you can afford it, we’d be eternally grateful if you can support us and 23 other talented content creators to bring you the best festival coverage yet!

You can donate to the NIC Kickstarter, providing affordable accommodation at the Edinburgh Fringe for 24 critics by visiting bit.ly/nicritics. 

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