Ed Fringe 2014 Review

Knightmare Live – Level 2 (Review)

Knightmare Live is back at the Fringe for it’s second year, but this time it’s level two. Based on the cult TV show, a brave dungeoneerĀ blinded by the helmet of justice is guided through a series of rooms by two guest comedians each show. It’s not vital to be aware of the original show before seeing this but quite a few jokes would fly over your head.

Following the success of last year’s run, the budget has increased and there is a bigger cast with an especially impressive set piece which I wont spoil for you but you will realise it once you see it. One of the down points of returning is that obvious gags about the show were already made in the first run, these are repeated again, this isn’t a massively big problem but I hope if they do return in the future they will stop using them.

This year seems to have more emphasis on plot, getting to know the relationships between the characters Ā a bit more, hinting at a possible return to the Fringe next year.

The show is carried very much by the actors behind Treguard and Lord Fear, both of them are very talented and make the show what it is. They have great chemistry together, adapting and improvising to ever evolving situations.

I was worried that a return to the Fringe with a new instalment of the show may make the novelty wear off but it sure hasn’t, if you loved the last years then you are in for a treat!

You can catch “Knightmare Live – Level 2” at the Pleasance Courtyard at 17:30 (18:30) until the 24th August. Tickets can be purchased here.

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