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Kaiser Chiefs @ Scala (Review)

Ricky Wilson led the band on stage saying “We’re Back” – that could not be any more true.

We were at the historic intimate venue, Scala in London. Being only able to hold 1,000 people it was a big change from their show a few months back at the Leeds arena, playing to 13,000 fans but yet the atmosphere is still as amazing as ever.

Since last seeing the Kaisers, Ricky Wilson has become a TV personality being a judge on BBC One’s “The Voice”. I was slightly worried that this may attract a different type of audience and show but I couldn’t be more wrong.  Everyone was as enthusiastic as ever, with Ricky being his old self, climbing  on anything he could.

The one thing that sets this band apart from other larger bands is that everyone holds their own and has clear roles, there is no weak member at all. This was also the second time seeing the band’s new drummer, VJ, after Nick Hodgson’s departure, personally I think VJ has helped to bring a new breath of fresh air to the band, bringing that bit more of stage presence to the shows.

The set clocked in at just over an hour and ten minutes, fully utilizing every minute of stage time. It featured the perfect mix of the the old and the new, never was there a dull moment which was a great delight. Often with shows at a start of a new album cycle you feel as if the new material is being rammed down your ears but this was pleasantly avoided by mixing it in with all the classics and Ricky bringing the new songs alive as if he had been performing them for years.

It’s really nice to see the Kaiser Chiefs back at the top of their game and we’re looking forward to listening to their new album “Education, Education, Education and War” on the 31st March 2014.

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