Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Featured Post Interview

Interview with Iain Stirling (Edinburgh Fringe 2015)

Iain Stirling is an Edinburgh local and a man of many talents, we caught up with him to speak about his new show at the Fringe, Touchy Feely, which is at the Pleasance Above from the 5th to the 28th August 2015.

CM: Hey, Iain. Thanks for joining us today! How are you?

IS: Well I haven’t joined you, I’m in Mallorca filming a TV show, but thank you for sending me these electronic messages, very kind of you. I’m good! ·

CM: What’s the period of time like between now and Fringe, and how does your show develop in this gap? 

IS: Well I’m in Mallorca (see above) so when I get back I’m just previewing in London and getting my show into shape!

CM: Being from Edinburgh, what’s it like seeing the Fringe take over every August?

IS: It’s amazing, I love it. Edinburgh is small, so it’s nice to widen the gene pool a bit.

CM: How many phone calls from friends do you get asking for a place to stay?!

IS: None, I’m from Edinburgh. The only time I get that call is when a mate falls out with his missus. These tend to be bi-annually and non-festival related.

CM: Do you enjoy the expectation of having to come up with a new hour of stand-up every year for the festival?

IS: Yeah I totally do, keeps pushing you to get better. That’s not a funny answer, but at least it’s honest.

CM: What can we expect from this year’s show, “Touchy Feely”?

IS: A man, telling jokes about politics, religion and McDonalds. McDonalds is my religion basically.

CM: You’re a presenter, studied law and do comedy, what do you have planned for the future?

IS: More comedy I think.

CM: Thanks, have a great Ed Fringe!

IS: Thanks for having me! See you in Ed guys. I love you all x

Iain Stirling will perform his new stand-up show Touchy Feely at the Pleasance Above from 5th – 28th August at 7.40pm. More info and tickets available here www.wearelivecomedy.com

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