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Interstellar – DVD/BluRay (Review)

Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece, Interstellar, has finally hit the shelves of your local entertainment store, but how does it hold up in the living room? We’re here to tell you!

The standard blu-ray release’s cover (other versions available) features the iconic Interstellar poster of Matthew McConaughey’s character on the ice-plane. Inside the case is a Ultraviolet code for your digital version of the film and two discs (film and special features).

The spectacle of viewing the visually stunning film on your home theatre set-up is no where near the experience of watching it in an IMAX theatre, the same problem is held with Gravity, in this case, you lean more towards the story, which is why Gravity’s home release was disappointing for me. Luckily Interstellar’s story, so what questionable, offers so much discussion and understanding that you’re left wondering about things, benefiting from repeat viewings, especially after you’ve checked out some of the science-based special features which attempt to unravel the equations and theories that led to the events in the film.

Continuing on with special features, surprisingly, especially for a Christopher Nolan film, there is a large amount of extra content, enough to worthy two blu-ray discs. It’s split into two sections, the first part is a made-for-TV science programme, narrated by Matthew McConaughey, explaining the science in layman terms. This is easily throwaway and the kind of thing that you would put on in a high school physics class. The true gems are in the behind-the-scenes featurettes, there’s some pure gold in here. Highlights include seeing Nolan shooting in Iceland, Hans Zimmer’s journey with the soundtrack and the full sized interior of the space craft in action. Unfortunately these features are in a short segments and there’s lots of them, often repeating themselves, it would of been nice to of seen a longer, fully formed behind-the-scenes video. Other features that would of been nice to of seen would of been the IMAX scenes in their full glory and a commentary by the big man himself, Christopher Nolan.

You can purchased Interstellar on DVD & BluRay by clicking here, also, be sure to check out our review of Interstellar Live by clicking here.

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