Ed Fringe 2014 Review

Ian Smith – Flappable (Review)

Ian Smith’s Flappable is a very well structured show featuring stories from being a TV extra, bread eating train passengers and today’s most asked questions. The stories are generally interesting, ┬áthe way they are told keeps your interest to find out the end result. There are call backs throughout the show to previous stories which work, video clips also feature throughout, these can often be just to drag out a show but these are well timed and worth the effort of including.

Smith is instantly likeable which is a huge benefit to the show, which in it self is up beat. The audience interaction at the beginning was great, a man referring to a some opening material from the show was funny, but what was funnier was the response Smith gave, always being on top but also without putting the audience member down, this created a happy atmosphere where everyone was relaxed.

There is a very funny subtle set piece in the second half of the show, I wont spoil it but you will know when it begins.

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