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Far Cry 4 (Review)

Reviewed on Playstation 4

After the surprise success of Far Cry 3, it was always in the back of our heads that we could expect a sequel, and here it is! Bigger and better than before, you are now in Kyrat, set in the Himalayas with a brand new land to explore.

Traversing the map is a joy with numerous ways to get around, whether that may be going off road with a quad bike, swooping down a valley with a glider, abseiling up a sharp cliff or plummiting through the sky with your wingsuit after jumping out of a failing gyrocopter.

If you are the kind of player that looks to get your moneys worth with a game, then this is made for you. There are various things that will send you on adventurous journeys, whether that may be hunting meat for Kyrat’s fashion week or upgrading your abilities through the easy-to-use crafting system. This makes up for the mediocre campaign, of which we don’t see enough of┬áPagan Min, brilliantly portrayed by Troy Baker.

The best thing about Far Cry 4 is not the campaign, not the multiplayer, not the weapons but the stories that come out of it, for example, I was flying around in the gyrocopter before it stalled, so I used my wingsuit to get to safe ground where I encountered four hostages accompanied by guards, so I took them out one by one with by bow and arrow before a tiger took out the final enemy.

Far Cry 4 offers an enjoyable experience, it understands what it is, a fun AAA where you can ride elephants in to battle, it’s easy to use and this by far, this is the most fun i’ve had in a video-game this year.

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