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Derren Brown’s Miracle

Reviewed at the Palace Theatre, London 2015, spoiler free.

Another new show from Derren Brown, another review where we can’t divulge the jaw-dropping events that we witnessed!

Derren Brown’s last stage show, Infamous, explored the dark side of homeopathy and faith healing in a short but very powerful few minutes. Miracle explores this even further but with a positive twist (while delivering a meaningful message). On a side-note, if you fancy doing extra homework before seeing the show, be sure to watch Derren Brown: Messiah.

Building upon the impressive set design and atmosphere that Infamous created, there’s some very intelligent visual storytelling to accompany Derren’s word-perfect monologues which is consistent with the shift of tone with the new show.

If you’ve seen Derren’s previous work, you’ll totally expect the finale of the show which is still impressive but the novelty of this “big reveal” is starting to wear thin, hopefully this will begin to transform and evolve in future years like his other work.

Miracle is quite possibly one of the most powerful and well crafted shows to come from Derren, as always, the more you get onboard for the journey, the more you’ll gain from the show but either way – you’re in for a ride!

Derren Brown’s Miracle is at the Palace Theatre, London until 16th January 2016, then embarking on the second leg of it’s UK tour. For more information including dates and tickets, please visit www.derrenbrown.co.uk/on-stage.

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