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2015 Christmas BluRay/DVD Guide!

With less than two weeks until Christmas, it’s time for the frantic shopping for your friends and family. Luckily we’ve you got covered, all this week we’ll be breaking down the perfect gifts for your loved ones, kicking off with DVD and BluRays!

Mad Max: Fury Road

This summer’s biggest blockbuster (well, at least for us!) is now out – experience the beautiful chaos on screen once again if you missed it at the cinema. Plus, it’s a visual film meaning you’ll still get something out of it if you distant relatives wont stop talking after the Christmas dinner!

As for the film – we’re big fans as you can read in our full film review but even if you have already seen it, it’s completely worth picking up. The on-disc special features offer a brilliant insight into how the film was made though unfortunately it’s missing the rumoured black and white version but we can forgive that with talks of a cinema release version in the new year!

Mad Max: Fury Road is out now on DVD, BluRay and VOD. To purchase, click here.

The Gift

Joel Edgerton’s flawless directorial debut makes The Gift a must watch. The film manages to stand up to some of the best thrillers from the past year including Prisoners and Gone Girl. The outstanding ensemble trio consisting of Bateman, Hall and Edgerton makes the performances alone a reason to watch this. In comparison to Mad Max, this is a film where you do need to shut everything down around you and lock in to every detail on screen!

Word of warning though, the physical release contains next-to-no special features apart from an alternative ending with an intro from Edgerton himself but this is the only downside, making it a perfect gift (sorry for that…).

The Gift is out now on DVD, BluRay and VOD. To purchase, click here.


Now after those two enjoyable but intense films, something to gather the family (younger kids not advised) around to watch – Vacation! To be upfront, it’s not high-brow comedy (you may of guessed) but it makes for a simple and easy watch and offers humour which the whole family will get. If you’re a fan of We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses then this is bound to be your cup of tea.

Again, don’t expect to be blown away by the extras but it’ll be handy to have in your collection to watch on a rainy day and have a giggle.

Vacation is out now on DVD, BluRay and VOD. To purchase, click here.

The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? (TDOSLWH)

Here’s one which will delightfully surprise your inner-nerd. TDOSLWH tells the story of the superman movie that never happened, with Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage, yes, that’s right…

This documentary really is a must see for any film fan, there’s some fantastic contributors (everyone but Cage) led by Jon Schnepp who you may recognised from Collider Movie Talk. It really offers a fascinating insight into how the movie process works and who the people behind the films really are. This is your secret weapon for a movie fan!

TDOSLWH is out now on DVD, BluRay and VOD. To purchase, click here.

That’s it for our DVD and BluRay picks, join us tomorrow for our video game picks!

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