Canterbury Escape Room // Review

Spoiler-Free Review

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere, with Canterbury launching two separate attractions in the space of a week – so competition is fierce. Within the heart of the town, towards the bottom of the high street lays hidden away one of the best rooms we’ve experienced; it’s subtle, true to Canterbury’s thematics and a joy to unravel the challenges that lay forth throughout.

Set in the medieval era of the city, you’re in jail and you have sixty minutes to escape. Group sizes can vary between two and five people, we were the later. Never did we feel that the rooms were too crowded (despite being chained up at the beginning), someone was always on a task, with results making certain members jump! Expect to use logic, wit, strength and often luck to make your way out.

The finale of the hour-long experience was a highlight, again, no spoilers but don’t be afraid to push the limits on what is possible to escape. Upon completion, you’re left wanting to go straight into another – which will hopefully be soon as we’re dying to go back.

We managed to complete the Canterbury Escape Room in 45:27, can you do any better?

The Canterbury Escape Room is open now, to book please visit www.canterburyescaperoom.com.

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