Comedy Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Featured Post Review

The Inane Chicanery of a Certain Adam GC Riches

Written by Callum Moorin

Climb on board for a show like no other at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, all inside the crazy mind of Adam Riches. If we even started to detail what happens if the hour, you wouldn’t believe us. Throughout the whistle stop tour we’ll meet many unforgettable characters including Gerard Butler, a harmonica playing red neck and the BMX Bandit. All of them are distinct and have their own “like-a-bility”.

Riches is already renowned for his audience interaction, but this takes it to another level. There’s not many comedians that’ll get the audience doing the things that they do within this show, but in all a good heart.

It’s a silly, absurd and ludicrous, all of which is sincerely welcomed amidst the Brexit and May v Corbyn routines that seem to be frequented throughout this year’s Fringe. Take a breath of fresh air and go and see this.

The Inane Chicanery of a Certain Adam GC Riches is on at 9.45pm everyday at the Pleasance Dome until the 27th August

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The Inane Chicanery of a Certain Adam GC Riches
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