Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Featured Post Review

The Pin: Ten Seconds with The Pin // Review @ Edinburgh Fringe 2015

The Pin’s new show ideally has the same concept as BEASTS’ but achieved in completely new ways. You’ll see different iterations of sketches, in the case of The Pin’s, from different viewpoints.

The duo’s characters played consistently throughout the show are a joy to watch, the nerdy conversations and interactions between themselves add plenty to the overall arching narrative of the show. From the plain, oversized clothing to the language used, it really all adds a lot.

The finale of the show is mind boggling and very complicated but you’ll sit their in awe as it unfolds in front of you. It’s a perfect blend of performance and technology being married perfectly.

You can see “The Pin: Ten Seconds with The Pin” at the Pleasance Dome everyday day until the 31st August 2015 at 19:00. For more information including tickets, click here.

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