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Mother Goose | Marlowe Theatre’s Pantomime

It’s a refreshing turn at pantomime, with Mother Goose, a story that at least I am not familiar with, but more importantly it’s Ben Roddy’s 10th anniversary celebration! The show didn’t need to the glitz and glam of celebrity appearances (although TV’s Dr Raj added some extra sparkle).

While Ben Roddy takes the limelight, Lloyd Hollett appears criminally un-utilised. It really was a shame to see the dynamic duo not share the stage as much, hopefully next year’s production will feature more infamous scenes like the hilarious bathroom shenanigans from a few years back.

Expect all the Marlowe traditions to return from Ghostbusters to a Chris Wong solo! Marlowe Theatre’s Mother Goose safely retains it’s title as Kent’s Best Pantomime!

Marlowe Theatre’s Mother Goose plays in Canterbury until Sunday 12th January 2020. Tickets can be purchased here.

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