For Love by pennybirdrabbit (Review)

Written by jbalek

If you’ve followed electronic music at all over the last five or so years you’ll know that the usage of female vocals has been a trend that seems to be staying. But these voices aren’t always just samples, sometimes there’s a real artist behind them; pennybirdrabbit is one of those real artists. Most notable for her features on such songs as “All I Ask of You” by Skrillex and “Ghost in the Machine” by The M Machine she has quite a notable resume. For Love is her third EP and it holds some interesting moments.

This first track “Maybe” is a great song. Quite possibly the most electronic song on the EP and some of her best song writing I’ve heard.


“Look for Love” is a much more upbeat song with some great Caribbean influences.


“Earthquake” is one of the most interesting songs due to the fact that it is completely different from what I was expecting to hear on this release. The guitar that accompanies Penny really gives the song a more acoustic natural feeling that you usually don’t get from most electronic songs.


“Cheap Goodbyes” was one of the songs released before this EP’s initial release, the other was “Maybe”, it is another case of good songwriting and greatly portrays Penny’s vocal abilities.


“Time” uses that Caribbean influence again but with more of a stronger electronic presences.


For Love is one of Penny’s most vast EP’s with all sorts of styles and influences. This EP is more of a Pop release than an Electronic one. Being someone who was really only familiar with her work on gigantically abrasive Electronic songs it was great to just hear her musically abilities.

The only real issue I have with this release is that none of the songs really enthrall me. This is probably one of my favorite releases from Penny due to the diversity and growth in songwriting but none of these songs really stand out to me or make me want to listen to them on repeat.

Penny has one of the greatest voices in modern music. On this EP she shows this to such an immense level. From her stern, sophisticated vocals to her dreamier, more elusive ones: she is a singer with great potential.

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