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Al Murray: One Man, One Guvnor (Review)

Quarterhouse, Folkestone // 03/09/14

The pub landlord is back with his new show, “One Man, One Guvnor”. He’s on a mission to yet again, solve the nation’s issues, meanwhile building a new government for the citizens.

More than ever before, the actual scripted material in the show heavily incorporates audience interaction, something that is clearly one of best points of the character, I would go so far to say that Al Murray is the leading touring comedian for audience interaction. The responses he gives to each individual following what brief interaction he has with them is outstanding, he could easily, and often does, go on tangents just from that one audience member. This is clearly something which he has homed in over the 20 years of playing the character.

The subject matters throughout span from immigration to bringing cultures together, he does play very close to the boundaries on sensitive topics but narrowly avoids them by being an exaggerated character.

In the second half, he attempts to explain “credit” in under half a pint, this whole set-up is an excuse for Al to give as an array of impressions from around the globe. and it works for that reason however it does tend to linger at points but quickly picks up pace again.

Al Murray clearly knows what he is doing with the pub landlord after 20 years, the new show is a refreshment to the character and is constantly evolving throughout the night. This is the best outing of the landlord in recent times.

You can catch Al Murray’s “One Man, One Guvnor” on his extensive nationwide tour, all dates and tickets can be found at thepublandlord.com.


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